The Best Technical and Professional Development Seminars
for the North American Oil and Gas Industry

Worldwide On-Site Training

NASA Corp. offers onsite energy sector training worldwide. Any of our courses can be presented at your location on a fee + expense basis.

Training is customized to your needs and requirements. While minimum attendance is not a mandatory requirement, we recommend class sizes between 6 and 25 participants.

Review all the courses, then Contact us to customize your organization’s training solutions.

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Training Development and Customization

The North American Standards Assessment Corp. (NASA Corp.) offers a number of Technical and Professional Development Seminars, Courses and Workshops. All courses can be customized to meet specific requirements of your organization.

We also provide training development solutions and support for customized technical and business development. We ensure success in meeting the objectives of your training plan and the mandatory regulatory requirements.

NASA Corp. provides:

  • Resources
  • Ideas
  • Strategies

We assist those responsible for training and development programs through the use of:

  • Training Techniques
  • Facilitation
  • Development Activities

For additional information on the training and support services we offer, Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

NASA Corp. also offers a number of Public Seminars, Courses and Workshops throughout the year.


The energy sector is nothing if not a fast paced ever moving target.
Lifelong learning is essential to success for both individuals and corporations.