The Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspector Training Program

In 2016 many companies in the Oil and Gas Pipeline industry set a target to ensure that Pipeline Inspectors working on their projects were in possession of a valid industry qualification in addition to recorded experience and company recognized training. Task qualification is an integral part of a companies competency management program. Both CEPA and CPAC facilitate Inspector qualification in the form of an API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspectors Qualification.

There are two categories of inspectors that currently require qualification and NASA Corp. is pleased to be able to provide a selection of training to meet either Category.

For those Inspectors with several years (5 or more years working as a as a Pipeline Construction Inspector or 10 or more years working in Pipeline Construction at a Supervisory level), industry experience and general familiarity with the CSA Z662, we offer a 1 day condensed pre-study program suitable for those wishing to write either their API 1169 General Pipeline Inspectors exam.

For those personnel just beginning their careers as inspectors, we offer a staged training in the form of three courses designed to provide the necessary training to obtain intermediate and advanced qualifications. The recommendations are:

CSA Z662 Fundamentals (1 day) to provide you with a clear understanding of the contents of the CSA Z662 and functional knowledge of the workings and requirements for a Safety and Loss Management system.

Followed by the:

CSA Z662 Pipeline Inspection Concepts (1 day) to provide students with the specific inspection requirements mandated under the CSA Z662. This training enables students to write the QC Inspectors exam providing qualification to work in QC positions as well as performing supervised inspection duties.

Once these two courses are completed and the candidate has obtained their Certificate of Qualification as a QC Inspector, we recommend a minimum of 1 year working as a QC or junior Pipeline Construction Inspector, after which time they can take the following course to prepare for the API 1169 qualification examination:

CSA Z662 Pipeline Inspectors Training (2 days) to provide students with the advanced inspection knowledge required under the API 1169, API 1173 and CSA Z662 required to write either the API 1169 or CPAC Level 3 General Pipeline Construction Inspectors Exam.

The above links provide course content details. For course presentation dates please visit our home page or the Z662Blog