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NASA Corp. provides Training, Assessment and Auditing in the Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry. We are committed to providing our clients with the most effective solutions for meeting code conformity and competency requirements.
In addition to guidance on the application of the most recent codes and standards our programs include critical background for the requirements. Courses are developed and presented by committee member(s) to ensure participants and clients receive the most up to date and accurate information. The scope of our curriculum includes all codes and standards deemed substantive for the lifecycle of a pipeline system including Hazardous Location Electrical and LNG. Our most popular courses include the North American Pipeline Fundamentals, which provide details on the use of both the CSA Z662 and the ASME B31 series, and the API 1169 Pipeline Inspector training course which guides participants on the proper application of the recommended practice to the regulatory requirements in Canada or the US. Our library includes seral other targeted courses which can be presented in a public format or customized for in-house presentation. Please feel free to contact us for more details on how we can be of service.

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The Internet is a great source of information. The difficulty is that for every piece of solid, informative and accurate material there seems to be a corresponding file with incorrect, inaccurate or just simply bad information. Beginning in January 2018, NASA Corp. will be posting a monthly link to an information video that has been reviewed and found to be accurate in the context of Canadian pipeline systems and facilities.

Missed a month? Don’t worry. All previous months links will be available in the library and you can subscribe for a monthly reminder.