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Based on the mandatory construction and inspection requirements for Canadian Pipelines

Intermediate to Advanced Level Training – 14 hours of Technical Instruction – $ 1298 plus tax

(Course Cost $1298. The fee for the Canadian 1169 examination is $350 and can be added to this registration. Individuals working towards their Red Seal Pipeline Inspector credential must register separately for the US exam due to currency difference)

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This course is designed to provide practical understanding for the application of the recommended inspection practises identified in the API 1169 as they apply to mandatory requirements adopted in the CSA Z662-19. The training includes a brief US technical review in addition to the detailed CSA Z662-19 content review. The training provides all necessary guidance for inspectors writing either the Canadian or US exam.

While similar, Canadian and US versions of this training are structured to reference national requirements. In Canada the content focus is CSA Z662-19 while the US version provides training to CFR’s and ASME B31 codes.

Registrants will be provided a study guide, informative handouts and links to pre-recorded foundational videos prior to the live lecture.

Online Remote Access Training

This course is delivered by in person or remote attendance depending on the date chosen.

Remote training is provided on the Zoom Platform and includes the same group exercises and Q&A as in person sessions.

In order to attend a remote access presentation of the training, a suitable device (computer/laptop/tablet) with internet access is required.

You may attend the training directly through your web browser, or through the Zoom Client application on your computer, or the Zoom App for mobile devices.

Attendees will be provided a login code and instructions to attend and are required to log in at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the training presentation. A format to answer questions will be provided.

Who Should Attend

This training is critical for all staff and contractors who have responsibility for Quality and/or Inspection functions. The training also provides significant value to those responsible for managing Canadian pipeline construction activities.


This is an intermediate to advanced level course.
Applicants are strongly advised to have completed:

  • Z662 Pipeline Fundamental or Inspection Concepts; and
  • carry a Level 2 CPAC qualification for Pipeline Inspection or Auditing
  • have completed other formal Z662 training; and
  • have at least 2 years experience in pipeline oversight

Course Materials Included

  • CPAC Canadian Additions, Corrections, Deviations & Deletions, to the 2nd edition of the API RP 1169
  • CEPA Practical Guide for Pipeline Construction Inspectors
  • Canadian and US regulatory reference materials
  • Study Guide
  • Access to pre-course videos

Course Overview

The construction and inspection of Canadian pipelines require not only specific skill sets, but also intimate knowledge of Canadian Pipeline Regulations and the CSA Z662-19 Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems. The 2019 edition of the CSA Z662 is a National Standard of Canada, and is referenced in Federal and Provincial pipeline regulations. Understanding the content of the CSA Z662 is not enough. Competence in the application of the document, using the framework contained in the 2020 edition of the API RP 1169 in conjunction with the 2nd edition of Canadian Additions, Corrections Deletions and Deviations, is critical to successful and compliant inspection.

Building on your experience, qualification and training in pipeline construction oversight, this course of study will provide participants the required tools for their roles and responsibilities in the inspection of Canadian oil and gas pipeline systems. This training provides both the general concepts detailed in the API 1169 recommended practice and the Mandatory Canadian requirements for compliance with both S&LMS and prescriptive requirements contained in the 2019 edition CSA Z662. This training is suitable for those planning to write the Canadian compliant version of the API 1169 exam through CPAC, or those writing the US based ICP exam. Deeper understanding of inspection techniques as well as a thorough review of the General Pipeline Inspectors Manual and its proper application are invaluable benefits to this training.

Participants will receive a Course Completion Certificate and CEU credits.


Training is from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and includes coffee and lunch breaks.
The course will address the following topics:

  • Scope and Exam Expectations
  • Z662 Safety and Loss Management system requirements for Inspectors (CAD)
  • API 1173 management system recommendations (US)
  • API RP 1169 Concepts, Content and Program Outline
  • Mandatory Canadian Additions, Corrections, Deletions and Deviations to the 1169
  • Pipeline Construction Safety
  • Environmental Awareness and Oversight
  • Practical Guideline for Pipeline Inspectors
  • Stages of Construction and Inspection Criteria
  • Documentation and Record Keeping
  • Managing Competence and Non-Conformances
  • Stopping Work and Issue Escalation Protocols
  • Human Factors (Contractor, Landowner and Protester ‘Encounters’)
  • Z662 Testing Requirements

In order to offer code compliant inspection services, it is critical that personnel understand both the regulatory and technical requirements within any given market or Jurisdiction. This course content is designed to familiarize personnel with the Regulations and requirements that are legislated in the Canadian oil and Gas Industry. US comparatives and study material are provided for reference. This course provides the necessary code tools for inspection personnel providing oversite during the construction of Canadian Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems at QC and Company inspector levels.

Canadian API Examination

Participants registered to write the Canadian 1169 Inspector Certification exam will be contacted to schedule the exam appointment.


On-Site Training Available

This course can be provided at your location and is suitable for customization to meet your corporate training program requirements.